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Waterproof Mattress

Waterproof Mattress

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waterproof mattresses suitable for hazardous environments that are tear resistant, crib 7, hygienic, fully heat sealed ensuring that it's water proof it is the perfect incontinence mattress.


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A Healthier sleeping enviroment

At Waterproof Beds we make the perfect waterproof mattresses for people who suffer from incontinence.

Waterproof mattress

How is it waterproof

Easy to clean crib 7 pvc fabric

The fabric used is Fully waterproof and crib 7 rated, bite resistant, suitable and currently used in healthcare facilities, prisons, hotels, and residences.


we seal our bed bases with a Flap that is double-stitch fully sealing making it waterproof and with no zip it’s also tamperproof.

Mattress foam

Premium grade foam core designed to withstand the heaviest use without losing shape or comfort.

Unique seam placement

seams are only placed along the sides and corners making it far harder for liquid to get near, they are also fully welded.

1 year minimum guarantee

We offer a 1 year minimum guarantee, up to 3 on certain products for complete peace of mind.

Weight limit 20st / 127kg

All of our Weight Limits are per sleeper, If a bed that has a limit of 25 stone, any person who is over this weight would void the guarantee. If the bed does not reach the needed weight please get in touch as we make custom beds for such cases.

Working with

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Easy-clean Anti-fungal

The surface can be wiped down with a mild disinfectant, ensuring a hygienic sleeping surface preventing growth of mold, bacteria, and allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, and pollen.

The difference seam placement makes

We place our seams in specific areas to prevent liquid getting into the mattresses and combined beds. Our seams are sealed and placed along the side boarders of the product, in areas where liquid is less likely to run and gather at. unlike other waterproof mattresses where liquid can seep through the seams ours are fully welded.

Anti-fungle Infection Control
Easy to clean ensuring a safe enviroment
Exceptional Track Record
Our Waterproof bed designs are well established and have been used in care homes across the UK for over 20 years.
3 week lead time
all products are made to order hand made in the uk.
Free Uk Delivery
Free Shipping accross the uk
Bespoke custom fit
we can make alterations and custom made beds get in touch!

The unbreakable waterproof bed base

The fully sealed unbreakable waterproof bed base made out of solid foam blocks. They are unbreakable and do not break like traditional wood bed bases. They do not have legs that can become wobbly over time. Plus, you can kick these bases hard without breaking them.


The combined bed base and mattress

The combined Mattress and Bed Bases all in one sealed within. It is designed so that the mattress and bed base don’t separate for behaviors where this is an issue.


Get in touch if you would like to know more!