1 year guarantee

Should a defect arise through proven material failure or faulty workmanship we guarantee to repair or replace the product in accordance with the following:

- We guarantee all our products for a minimum of 12 Months. Some products are guaranteed for more than this. Please check individual product pages for this information.

- The Guarantee does not apply if there is evidence of abuse, misuse or damage through neglect or accident. Also, if the product is soiled, stained or unhygienic. Such as a lingering smell which can occur if urine is left for prolonged periods causing impregnation of the fabric this would not be covered.

- In the event of a dispute we may request an independent third-party inspection of the products by a recognised and qualified organisation such as ‘Furniture Industry Research Association’ before agreeing to carry out repairs / replacements.

- Our guarantee covers normal sleeping use only, such as nightly use not used constantly for 24 hours 7 days a week.

- You must comply with our weight limit on our products for the guarantee to be valid. This weight limit, however, only offers a guideline weight to protect our guarantee. The weight limit only refers to the individual.

- If a mattress loses shape in the guarantee period (within tolerance levels relative to the length of time the product has been used as set by the manufacturers), this would be covered. Any wear and tear wouldn’t be covered under the guarantee.

- When a mattress or combined is purchased the below guidelines need to be followed for the guarantee.

Mattress care

-Expect Body Impressions

-Most people tend to sleep in the same position on their mattress every night. Body impressions are therefore a normal occurrence and a positive indication that the generous amount of upholstery fillings are conforming to your body's unique shape, weight and sleeping pattern. Rotating and turning the mattress as described below will minimise body impressions.

-Rotating and Turning Your Mattress

Turning the mattress over and rotating end-to-end periodically will allow even settlement on both sides of the mattress. It is recommended to turn and rotate your mattress once a week during the first 3 months and thereafter with the Seasons.

-In the case of 'No Turn' mattresses it is sufficient to simply rotate the mattress seasonally to ensure equal wear and tear.

-Airing Your Mattress

Give your mattress a good airing on a weekly basis if body impressions are causing issues- simply leave the bed linen turned back for a few hours each time and allow air to circulate around and through the mattress.


Treat stains and incontinence events immediately with a clean soft cloth and warm soapy water (washing up liquid will be fine)

-Mattress Usage

In order to maximize consistent shape and support around the perimeter of your mattress please avoid regularly sitting on the edge -in the same position for long periods.

Please do not stand on your bed or allow children to treat it as a trampoline.